Kavingar Vaali Books Pdf Free Download ((INSTALL))

Kavingar Vaali Books Pdf Free Download ((INSTALL))


Kavingar Vaali Books Pdf Free Download

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The Kavingar Vaali Bhava is compiled by Maaraja, with the assistance of Illayarajan and Devarajan. The book contains 150 songs by Vaali. The book has a lyrics index. The songs have an informative booklet with information about the composers, including their biography, as well as titles, lyrics, music and other useful information. The songs in Kavingar Vaali Bhava were performed by some of the finest singers of the country. Ilayaraja, the music director, accompanied many of the songs for this collection, along with the folk music master Ravikantan, who is a contemporary of the composer. T V Sankaranarayanan, who composed the music for some of the Vaali songs, was the mentor of Ilayarajan, and the duo were travelling together. While in his mid forties in the early sixties, Ilayaraja was working as the assistant director of the Ko film, which he later directed. The film has a scene in which Ilayaraja sings “Dear Ira” and it is this song that brought him to the connoisseur’s attention. Though he composed his songs to be sung along with a particular singer, he realised later that the audience, when he sang the songs, thought of him.
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