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Click here to see the beginner’s guide to Photoshop.

Photoshop is used as both an editing tool and a creation tool. With an editing tool you can improve the look and tone of an existing image. With a creation tool you can edit existing imagery or designs to create visuals or webpages. Below are some examples of how you can use Photoshop to edit or create an image:



Photoshop is a raster graphics program so it does not handle video files and most animation and vector files will work best in Adobe Illustrator. When you open a video file in Photoshop, you will notice it will not play, but you can still do some basic editing work on a video file (like bringing the video frame rate in line with a still image), or you can create a very basic template for later editing in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Animated and vector graphics, like Adobe Illustrator, are also best handled in Illustrator. For easy editing, place your PNG or JPG images on a canvas and layer on additional files as needed.

BONUS: How to use Photoshop to De-Clutter Your Mac

Photoshop is often referred to as one of the most popular graphics editing software programs. While you can use it to manipulate graphics for a variety of different reasons, it is most widely used for photo editing. Photoshop has a wide range of tools for manipulating images. With the tools you can perform tasks such as crop, resize, rotate, change the color, lighten, darken, and sharpen, and so much more.

Photoshop Elements is a free digital imaging app and word processing program developed by Adobe. Its main features include photo editing, image organizing, and screen-printing among others.



Photoshop is a great program to edit photos. It has many easy-to-use tools for fixing photos that have been damaged by a poor camera or pixelation. You can easily remove blemishes and fix red-eye. Other tools allow you to repair photos with text and other objects.

To edit photos in Photoshop, place your images on a canvas and apply the filters and effects that you want. For example, you can edit photos into a poster and give them a glowing effect by using the Adjustment Layers tool and the Gaussian Blur filter.



To edit photos in Photoshop, place your images on a canvas and apply the filters and

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Elements is free for non-commercial use, so there are no restrictions on its use to recreate images or do other creative projects. However, you must purchase Adobe Photoshop if you want to use Elements to create and edit professional-level images.

This article provides beginner tips for using Elements. For more advanced and detailed Photoshop tutorials, see the following articles:

The following instructions are for the new 2015 version of Photoshop Elements. For earlier versions, see this tutorial on how to use Elements.

Firefox, Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge do not support some features, so those might not work if you are using those browsers. Photoshop has known issues with reading fonts on webpages in these browsers.

Read the article about How to work with JPEGs in Photoshop Elements 12 to learn more about the file format of JPEG, and this tutorial to learn more about saving and opening files.

Photoshop Elements comes in two versions: Standard and Digital Photography. To learn more about the difference between the two, see this article.

Get more tips and advice on Photoshop Elements in our Photoshop Elements 15 guide.

Adjust the image.

Elements does not have a way to adjust the color of an image. Instead, Elements lets you apply adjustments to make the colors more accurate. Adjustments are like filters for creating images. Some adjustments are similar to the filters in Photoshop (see the Adobe Photoshop filter tutorial), but some are unique to Elements, and some are available in both Elements and Photoshop.

In the Adjustments panel, you can use adjustments to:

Make a color image more accurate, by correcting unwanted or unusual colors.

Make a color image brighter or darker.

Make an image more realistic, by correcting brightness or adding contrast.

Make a grayscale image look more like a color image.

Make a multichannel image look more like a color image.

Create an artistic effect.

There are many unique adjustments in Photoshop Elements. To learn more about the adjustments available in Photoshop Elements, see the following articles:

How to use the Adjustments panel.

You use the Adjustments panel to edit the colors of your images. To get started, click the Adjustments panel button on the panel menu (the first icon).

Elements automatically applies the first available adjustment in the panel. The adjustment options are grouped into categories. To apply the desired adjustment, click the category name in the panel menu.

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