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Yojimbo is a site which provides files of PSN games. Although the site is not on high-load servers, the site delivers the games to users faster than most other sites on this list. This listing includes only PSN games, as you do need to be a Playstation Plus member to use this site.

So, the list of best sites where you can download majors full games for free for PC is finished. We hope you liked it and find it useful. If you have additional sites that are better than the rest, you can share them in the comments section.

If you want to download any PC game from the internet you should download a downloader – PC Game Hacker a downloader for you. PC Game Hacker allows you to download cracked games, patch them and provide the licenses with the game license keys. You can also download cracked PC games from our website PC Game Hackers page.

If you want to download the latest and cracked games for your PC or laptop, you should go to online stores and download free games, which are usually in ZIP format. If you want to try the game, unzip it first and then extract the archive, run the game and enjoy the game!

The best app, that allows you to download files from the internet, as well as play with them, is Fantastic because it lets you download videos, play video games, download torrents, play streaming video and more. It also supports several file formats, including Android backups, data from almost any cloud service, books, and more. That makes it one of the best online document managers.


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