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In the eventuality that your computer is running very slow lately, then it may be time to free up some space and check whether your drivers and applications are updated. Augore is a tiny tool designed to help improve the performance of games running on your computer and clean up junk and unwanted files that just take up space on your PC.
Cleaning and performance boosting in one app
Following a quick and uneventful installation, you are welcomed by a modern and user-friendly interface that displays standard information about your system. In the left panel, you can access the main functions, which include Game Booster and Disk Cleaner. On a side note, even though the Heath and Settings buttons are also presents, they are not yet implemented and will probably be added later on as the project develops.
As far as the Game Booster function is concerned, the app includes a single button and it is not exactly clear what the app does to increase the performance of your system when running video games. On the plus side, the entire action takes about a few seconds. The Disk Cleaner, displays the amount of space you can save up on Disk C where you are likely to have the operating system.
Provides you with basic information about your PC's specs
In addition to the functions mentioned above, the application provides some standard information about your system, such as the computer and user name, operating system name, version and system type as well as some details about the processor. You can use this data to look for compatible hardware to replace, especially if you happen to own a desktop computer.
All in all, Augore is a tool that can enable you to make the most of your hardware even when it is rather outdated. Then again, as with other performance enhancing tools, the program cannot compensate for modern hardware and it is not a replacement for it.







Augore Crack + For Windows [2022]

The Augore For Windows 10 Crack Downloader is a simple, easy to use application that can completely automate the installation of Augore Crack Free Download, compatible with Windows. If you know how to download files from the internet, you will be able to easily get our application on your computer.
Augore Crack can boost the speed of your game and the response time. The disk cleaner feature is very useful if you have a slow hard drive that is causing the system to crash regularly, as it will speed up the garbage collection process.
Downloading with the Augore downloader
Augore is only compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7. The Augore downloader is a very simple tool that enables you to download Augore automatically from our servers, so you don’t have to search around the internet manually. For your convenience, the application provides you with all the download links you need.
The desktop application is very easy to use. It will ask you to add the Augore publisher’s website to your browser’s favorites. Then, you are asked to choose the Windows version that you want to install. Augore is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. When everything is ready, you press next to start the installation.
After you have downloaded the file, you have to open the file and run it. Once you have done this, the program asks you to click on the “Choose Free Space” button. The Augore Installer will then allow you to choose the amount of space you want to make available in your computer’s disk.
The Main features of Augore
Easy to install
You don’t have to download the file manually or even choose to install it. The Augore downloader will do the work for you.
User-friendly interface
The Augore Downloader is easy to use. From selecting the Windows version to setting up the amount of disk space for the installation, everything will be extremely easy and straightforward.
Free space analysis
The disk cleaner feature allows you to determine the amount of space available on your computer’s hard drive. However, it will not give you the exact figure you want to free up, but it will approximate it.
Boost your system speed
With the fast analyzing feature, you can quickly determine whether your computer needs a speed boost or a hard drive cleanse.
No more problems
Augore is a great replacement for your antivirus program. It can also be used to open certain files that your antivirus will not open, such as ZIP files.

Augore Crack+ Activator

Augore is a tool that will help you clean up junk and unwanted files on your computer. With the aid of the program, you will be able to free space up on your computer’s hard drive. In addition, it will help reduce unnecessary junk and unwelcome files that could clutter up your system.

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Augore Crack+

The game booster is a program to help boosting your performance of playing games on your computer. Your game plays smoothly, faster, better, use less system resources, all while saving up space on your disk. Some games have the ability to assist with this by offering to run defragmenting, compressing, or optimizing. This is a nice bonus for some games, but most don’t do this. The aim of this product is to bring defragmentation, compressing, and other similar tactics to the game booster.
– Boost the performance of your computer (even older computers) by improving the game booster.
– Reboot, and reload your game with a few clicks.
– A clean and more responsive operating system.
– Free up space on your computer’s hard drive.

Important information

Recommendations from our editors

Please note that we have taken into account the following recommendations during preparation of the application. As a result, which can be found on the description, it is at times possible that the application has less features than is displayed in the description. We advise you to try out the program and report any problems.

Installing & Uninstalling

The download file is a zip archive. It contains several files, which can be installed individually. Unzip the file and install the software according to the instructions that appear in it. After the installation has been completed, you will need to register the application.

Installing the game booster

After you download the archive, you will be asked to select the destination folder. If you decide to install the application to an existing folder, you will need to provide an empty one. Then you will be asked to specify the game booster’s name.

Before you start using the app, you will need to register it on the official site (or on different sites that host add-ons and mods, if you prefer). You will also need to complete the additional registration information to use the application.

Uninstalling the game booster

You will not be able to uninstall the game booster without the help of the site you registered it in. This functionality is provided to make sure the process is as simple as possible.

Adjusting the settings

You can adjust most of the settings from the game booster’s interface. Please refer to the documentation that is available in it.

Report bugs

If you notice any issues when using the game booster, please report them using the form on the official site

What’s New in the Augore?

Augore is a powerful performance and cleanup tool that enables you to take full advantage of your PC’s performance and features.
Featuring a streamlined interface, the app gives you an easy-to-read display of the status of your computer, letting you know precisely what you can improve.
The app’s Disk Cleaner feature will free up space and keep your PC running as fast as possible. As your computer ages, it’s not unusual for it to run a little slower than it did when you first bought it. However, not all the slowness can be blamed on the clock itself.
You might find that your computer has been affected by spyware, viruses, adware, outdated drivers, and other unwanted programs. These may leave your computer running slower than you’d expect, and take up valuable storage space.
That’s where Augore comes in. It will help free up space, boost speed, fix bugs, and get rid of unwanted programs and junk files.
The Augore Game Booster feature lets you speed up your video games and graphics.
The app’s interface is easy to navigate, and its layout is intuitive. You can easily select the type of information that you’re looking for.
Main Features:
* Simple Cleaning – a quick and easy way to clean your system.
* Free up space – with Disk Cleaner, take up less space on your hard drive.
* Optimization – Boosts system performance with GPU optimizations.
* Improved gaming – speed up games and graphics.
* Tweak system components – clean and optimize your hardware components.
* Fix bugs – improve performance and fix bugs.
* Software update – check for software updates.
* General information – view details and statistics.
* System status – get information on the status of your system.
* User account – view the user accounts.
* Help – get help, and report bugs.
Augore For Windows version:
Publisher: Big Boss Entertainment
Developer: Big Boss Entertainment
Updated on: May 31, 2018
OS Version: Win XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 8.1


Augore 5.0 (Latest Version) review

Augore 5.0 is a powerful performance and cleanup tool that enables you to take full advantage of your PC’s performance and features.
You can check out an Augore 5.0 screenshot below and if you want Augore 5.0 download link is given above.

System Requirements For Augore:

Terms of Service:
Q & A:
How do I install the Game Assets?
How do I create a Multiplayer Account?
How do I create a Game?
Contact the Support Team
I’m having problems installing the Game Assets.
If you’re using an older version of Java, please make sure that the latest Java version is installed on your system.
If you’re using an older version of Java, please make sure that the latest Java version

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