Assassins Creed Revelations Soun !!TOP!!

Assassins Creed Revelations Soun !!TOP!!



Assassins Creed Revelations Soun

as ezio arrives at a private tailor in the upper city, a friend asks for his help in discreetly getting a fine dress for his niece in exchange for a job; ezio agrees, after which they head for a bazaar to purchase what appears to be part of a skirt for a woman, only for ezio to notice that the woman has several hooks hidden in her clothing, and follow her to a practice room where he hears a woman singing, revealing the fact that she is the assassin from venice. the woman cuts a serenade for ezio and his friend in venice’s style, and hands him a letter as a gift, telling him that this is the key he needs to uncover the mystery of altair’s past. [1] ezio takes the note to the temple of the sun, where he meets with yusuf the vizier, who reveals that he is not the contact he was expecting, and that he will not be giving any information on altair’s past because of the threat of extinction. ezio then heads back out to the bazaar, where he is informed by a merchant that the assassin has a target, and that his friend should take ezio to his house. [2] inside, a man tells ezio that the assassin has been killed and that ezio is the new target, as it is his mission to avenge this death. ezio follows a middle-aged woman to a secluded tent outside the city, where he finds the island city of yeremeyevo within pskov bay and discovers the island’s name to be “baldwin”, after which he attempts to enter the city, but is shot at by a man in a hidden turret. he successfully takes the man down, but as he examines the dead man’s belongings, he discovers that he is carrying the hand-crafted and incongruously named “mirovich”, a model of a popular weapons of the time, and is told by the woman who shot at him that it was the assassin’s last move; given that the templar order itself is unknown to ezio, this is a potentially important information that will be incredibly difficult to miss, especially for someone who knows what the mirovich is for. [2]

while trying to escape a group of guards, ezio encounters his former nemesis, rodrigo borgia. the handsome one with the bad hair is a new character. ezio does not take his first meeting with rodrigo lightly, and challenges him to a duel. as the two fight, ezio learns that rodrigo has been ordered by the pope to kill him. rodrigo knocks ezio down and leaves him for dead, much to the chagrin of other assassins who are watching from afar.
the final mission of the game sees ezio’s partner in crime, the equally handsome and charming guilio casanova, lead the player to a secret meeting with the princess marias in the assassin’s den. like lucy, the princess is old, and a little too frail to fight ezio off. however, she is determined to fight. armed with a pistol, she shoots and stabs her way through some of ezio’s assassins before they can stop her. once she is dead, she gives ezio the key he needs to awaken altair, who he was forced to kill in the first game. after this, ezio will be given his much deserved retirement. he will be tasked with restoring the assassin’s brotherhood and in the process, trying to hold on to the good memories he shares with the animus.
the difficulty level in assassin’s creed: revelations is rather low. it’s not that it’s easy, but that it’s not hard either. the game is not a challenge, and the pacing of the level design means that the player is never under any kind of pressure. the result is a game that is easy to get into but hard to put down. this is an assassin’s creed game for those who need a break from assassin’s creed. anyone who is looking for a challenge should look elsewhere. ezio is in a good mood this time around, and he can’t help but chuckle at his new challenges. he is also not as stealthy as he once was, and will often barrel into whatever danger is in front of him without any pretense of stealth.

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